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Introduction to The Merchant of Venice

In 1947, this edition of The Merchant of Venice was designed and printed by the Typography Department of the Medway School of Art and Crafts, Rochester. The students, under the direction of the Head of Printing Charles L. Pickering, referred to the first and second quartos as well as Shakespeare’s 1623 first folio to reprint the first scene of Act One.

In the School prospectus for 1946-47, Typography is described as a course ‘for apprentices and journeymen in: Compositors’ Work; Letterpress Machine Work; Layout and Design; Monotype (Keyboard) and Intertype Composition; Costing, Estimation and Administration.’ A Society of Medway Printing Students called ‘Typographia’ was also active. By producing The Merchant of Venice edition, students learnt the skills of their chosen craft.