Areopagitica Spread 0

Areopagitica Spread 0 cover


This Edition, designed and printed in the Typography Department of the Maidstone School of Art and Crafts, was produced under the direction of Charles L. Pickering, during the Principalship of A.S. Ryland and, later, Edward J. Morss.

The format and arrangement was planned by R.J. Beeching, being completed whilst he was on war service. Teacher: C. L. Pickering.

The text has been “Monotype” set by F.C. Balls and B. Hayes, and cast by students of the “Monotype” Casting classes. Teachers: Harold E. Waite (Keyboard) and E.A. Childs (Casting).

Compositors’ Work by A. Dearden and C. Hammond, with the help of certain other students of the Composing classes. Teachers: C. L. Pickering, E. Russell, and S.J.A. Sainsbury.

Printed on a ‘Miehle’ Two-Revolution Press by J. Elson, R. Parsons, W. Puttock and R. Smith, in the Letterpress Machine classes. Teacher: C. E. Inchcomb.

The type used for the text is 12-point “Imprint”, 1.5-point leaded and the paper “Abbey Mills” Antique Laid.

Finished during the Summer Term, 1944.
(Taken from back pages of the book.)