Antigone Spread 0

Antigone Spread 0 cover

This edition of Antigone from the Theban Plays has been reprinted from The Penguin Classics by kind permission of the publishers, Messrs. Penguin Books, Limited.

Designed and produced by Celia Young, a student of the National Diploma in Design, Book Production Course, in collaboration with students of the Composing, Letterpress Machine Printing & Bookbinding Sections of the Department of Printing, Maidstone College of Art, March 1954.

The type is ‘Monotype’ Bembo 12 pt. 1.5pt. leaded.
The paper, Strathmore Text, Wove, Light-weight.
Printed on a L&M Double Deny High Speed Michle.
The edition is limited to 150 copies.
[taken from back pages of the book]