The Stout Gentleman Spread 0

The Stout Gentleman Spread 0 cover

Details of the printing project

This edition of the short story, from ‘Bracebridge Hall’, by Washington Irving was designed and printed in the Typography Department of the Maidstone School of Art and Crafts, Principal, Edward J. Morss, under the direction of Charles L. Pickering, Head of Printing Department, Mid-Kent Region.

The format and arrangement was planned by Corinne Edwards who also made the scraper-board illustrations for the line block re-productions. Teachers: Sydney J.A. Sainsbury (Typography), Clarke Hutton and Miss K. Anderson (Illustration).

Production by students of the trade classes. Teachers: E. G. Cawte (Monotype Keyboard), E. A. Childs (Monotype Casting), Sydney J.A. Sainsbury and Charles L. Pickering (Compositors’ Work), C.E. Inchcomb (Letterpress Machine Work), A.F. Seth (Bookbinding).

The type used for the text is 12-point Aldine Bembo, set solid, and the paper is ‘Abbey Mills’, Antique Laid, toned.

The text is taken from the ‘Pelican’ edition by kind permission of Penguin Books Limited.

Finished during the Spring Term, 1947.
(taken from the back page of the book)